Parque Vila Formosa, Sorocaba


Parque Vila Formosa

Sorocaba is a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Sorocaba is the eighth largest city in the state of São Paulo. Outside the Greater São Paulo region, it ranks behind only Campinas, São José dos Campos and Ribeirão Preto. With an estimated population of 700,313 inhabitants, it is a regional capital of the Sorocaba microregion with 14 municipalities, totaling over 1.5 million inhabitants. It has an area of 456.0 km ², of which 349.2 km ² is urban and 106.8 km ² rural area.

Over the past twelve years the city has been undergoing extensive urbanization projects, improving streets and avenues, as well as infrastructure for the traffic which the city receive every day.

It is the eighth and fourth municipality in the consumer market in the state outside the Greater São Paulo metropolitan area, with a potential annual per capita consumption estimated at $2,400 for the urban population and $917 for rural areas (7200 people) and twenty-ninth largest city in Brazil with potential for consumption. Still, it is the 4th largest city of the state to receive new investments and one of the largest in the country, figuring in the list of 30 cities that create more jobs in Brazil.


Rua Sofia Scotto Martins
18076-150 Sorocaba

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Praça 9 De Julho
4621 meters
Parque Das Águas
3063 meters
Pq Das Aguas
3122 meters
Pq Das Aguas
3122 meters
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