Campo de Marte Airport, São Paulo


Campo de Marte Airport
Campo de Marte Airport is the first airport built in São Paulo, Brazil, opened in 1919. It is named after Champ de Mars, in Paris, which in turn got its name from Campus Martius, in Rome.It is operated by Infraero.HistoryCampo de Marte was the first airport built in São Paulo, opened in 1919.The airport was bombarded during the 1932 Constitutionalist Revolution.On 12 November 1933 a ceremony marking the start-up of scheduled flights of VASP took place at the airport. The first two routes linked Campo de Marte to São Carlos and São José do Rio Preto, and to Ribeirão Preto and Uberaba.It handled all air operations in São Paulo until VASP opened Congonhas Airport in 1936. VASP considered it a necessary move because of unexpected growing demands, and to avoid a problem of constant flooding by the adjoining Tietê River, particularly the one that happened in 1929.Presently it houses the São Paulo Flying School, founded in 1931, helicopters and general aviation services. It has limited night operations capability, usually reserved to helicopters.The 4th command of the Brazilian Air Force is also located on the premises.On May 11, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI canonized the first Brazilian-born saint, Frei Galvão, during a mass on the site.


Av.Santos Dumont Santana
02013-002 São Paulo

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+55 11 2221-2699


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