Pôrto Seguro, Brazil, Porto Seguro


Pôrto Seguro, Brazil
Porto Seguro is a city located in the far south of Bahia, Brazil. They city has an estimated population of 145,431 (2015), covers 2,287km2, and has a population density of 52.7 residents per square kilometer. The area that includes Porto Seguro and neighboring Santa Cruz Cabrália and Prado hold a distinctive place in Brazilian history: in 1500 it was the first landing point of Portuguese navigators, principally Pedro Álvares Cabral.GeographyClimateThe weather is always hot and humid in the summer, peaking at 40°C and very mild in the winter, averaging 25 degrees and minimum of 19 degrees. During July, August and November the probability of rain is greater.SubdivisionsPorto Seguro is divided into five districts Porto Seguro ;Arraial d'Ajuda;CaraívaTrancosoVale VerdeConservationThe municipality contains the Pau-Brasil Ecological Station, a full protected conservation unit created in 1997 to protect a fragment of Atlantic Forest, and specifically to protect Brazil wood (Pau Brasil, Caesalpinia echinata). It contains the Rio dos Frades Wildlife Refuge, created in 2007 to protect the mouth of the Frades River. The municipality also contains part of the Corumbau Marine Extractive Reserve, a protected offshore fishing area of.


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