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Muriaé is a municipality in southeast Minas Gerais state, Brazil. It is located in the Zona da Mata region and its population in 2012 (IBGE) was approximately 102.074 inhabitants.Important FactsMunicipal LimitsErvália, Santana de Cataguases, Laranjal, Palma, Miraí, São Sebastião da Vargem Alegre, Rosário da Limeira, Miradouro, Vieiras, Eugenópolis, Patrocínio do Muriaé and Barão de Monte Alto.EconomyIndustry, agriculture (coconut and coffee), services, and cattle raisingAverage annual temperature - 26 °CElevation - 209 mArea - 843,9 km²Distance from Belo Horizonte - 363 km It is located at the junction of two major highways, BR-116 (Rio-Bahia) and BR-393. Its name means "to have the taste of sweet sugarcane" in the indigenous language.Muriaé RiverThe Muriaé River passes through the city. It is a river whose source is in the Serra das Perobas in Minas Gerais near the boundary with the state of Rio de Janeiro. It flows in a west-east direction and joins the Paraíba do Sul River, a little above the city of Campos dos Goytacazes. Its waters are muddy and cold and they supply several municipalities for drinking and irrigation. There are some waterfalls, the most important being the Cachoeira da Fumaça, in Retiro do Muriaé. Its length is about 300 km, of which 40 are navigable for small boats. It is flanked along all its course by highway BR 356 and the Leopoldina Railway.


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