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Brasília National Park
The Brasília National Park is a national park located from the centre of Brasília, in the Federal District, in the center west of Brazil. The park covers an area of, with territory spanning the suburbs of the Brazilian capital city of Brasilia, Brazlândia and Sobradinho and the municipality of Padre Bernardo. It is currently administered by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation . It is the largest park in the world which is situated in an urbanized area.HistoryThe creation of the park, on November 29, 1961, was under Federal Decree of Brazil on 29 November 1961 covering an area of extending over an elevation range of 700-. It is under IUCN Category II. It is directly related to the development of Brasilia. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the park was protected to provide forested area around the national capital of Brazil. In 1994, seventy percent of the park burned.GeographyThe park is in the north east of the Federal district in the northeastern region of Brazil. Its boundaries have been fixed and also fenced. The park is divided into Intangible, Primitive, Extensive, Intensive, Special and Recuperation zones from the development perspective.The terrain is an undulating plateau with geological formations of quartzites and limestones. It has many caves and several springs. The average annual rainfall reported is 1675 mm. Apart from the springs, the source of water supply to the park is also through a reservoir. The most prominent features of the park are the pools formed from water wells. Several creeks flow through the park, including the Bananal, Torto, and Santa Maria Creeks. Because of the large number of springs, its nickname is Agua Mineral (mineral water); the water is reported to have healing properties. There are many well laid out trekking trails through the park.


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