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Araçatuba, better known as the "Capital do Boi Gordo", is a city located in the northwest of São Paulo state, Brazil. The city has 190.536 inhabitants (IBGE/2013) and 1,167.4 km² of area. The city name comes from the Tupi language and means "abundance of araçá (a fruit, Psidium cattleianum)". Araçatuba is located 532 km from the city of São Paulo and 11 km from Birigui.HistoryAraçatuba was founded on December 2nd, 1908 and officially established as a municipality in December 8, 1921.EconomyThe Tertiary sector is the most relevant for Araçatuba, corresponding to 79.35% of the city GDP. The Primary sector corresponds to 1.68% of the GDP and the Industry corresponds to 18.97%. Agro-industrial activities are relevant in the region.CultureThe city is the seat of the mor religiones.Microregion of AraçatubaAraçatuba is the center of a Microregion with a population of 256,560 inhabitants (IBGE/2010) an area of 5,365.6 km². This region includes the cities of Bento de Abreu, Guararapes, Lavinia, Rubiácea, Coroados, Santo Antônio do Aracanguá and Valparaíso.


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